8 Reasons Why Yoga Is Over Hyped


 In my early college years I competed in a form of martial arts called Kempo. During sparing  matches (fighting with pads on) I sometimes found it hard to manage my emotions and I’d  feel angry or upset (I was young dumb and full of… testosterone). On occasion I may have  broken the rules and kicked below the belt. My sensei was not pleased and he asked me if I’d  try his yoga class. He believed it would help with controlling my emotions. I wasn’t thrilled  with the idea, but I also didn’t want to get kicked out of Kempo, so I went. Initially I liked the  female to male ratio (I was one of two dudes there)… and kudos to who ever invented yoga pants! As the yoga classes continued I became skeptical of some of the claims I was hearing. (Actually my skepti-sensor was beeping on my utility belt… To the skepti-cave Robin!!!)…    Continue Reading


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