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simdif_0x17d59360Learn about science from our sister website The Science Communication Project!


The Science Communication Project’s goal is to include more people in science from underrepresented groups and to create a more science literate world. Please visit our About page to learn more and to learn how you can help.

Also you may notice some nontraditional use of color on this site, that’s because one of our goals is to break old science stereotypes of being drab and boring!  The Science Communication Project is a work in progress, and we encourage you to visit our Facebook page and our YouTube Channel to learn more about our mission and to share with your friends.

Now Let’s Science!

Science Basics


Hi! On this page you will find some courses in beginning science. This list of courses will be updated periodically, as we are always looking for great free science content. The list is traditionally followed in order, but there are no rules. Some of the subjects have two or more courses that cover the same topic. You can choose the presenter you like best, or watch them all, as it really doesn’t hurt to hear complicated material more than once.

Click here to visit the Science Basics page


Learn More


If you finished Science Basics and you want to go into more depth in any of these subjects, or if you’re looking to learn something new and different, or even if you just want to feed your intellectual curiosity Go Beyond The Basics!!! by visiting our Learn More page!



Science By Women


Since our goal is to include more people from groups who are underrepresented in science, we recognize that we need more women in science! In order to inspire women of all ages to be scientists we need women communicating about science to be role models and examples for other women. Science literacy empowers people, and when women are empowered we are all empowered!



With this in mind, we created this page to feature female science communicators. Check it Out!



Also See:

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