Protests and Marches Are Dumb…Right? No, but you might be…


What is the point of protesting, marching, or social movements?


The arc of moral progress does not naturally bend towards good … IT IS BENT!!!


Bent by those who fight for JUSTICE! Bent by those who fight for EQUALITY! Bent by those who fight for FREEDOM!   


Moral Progress doesn’t happen by itself, in fact, human history is scarred by our immoral nature. For the vast majority of written history, slavery, war, and oppression were the norm, not the exception!


Social movements have played an enormous role in our history in bending the moral arc.


The Enlightenment which fought against religious, intellectual, and political oppression led directly to the American Revolution, the Constitution, and (the re-emergence of) democracy and representative government.


The abolitionist movement led to the election of Lincoln, the civil war, and the eventual end of slavery.



The civil rights movement led to the end of legal segregation and discrimination (or at least made a lot of progress).



The woman suffrage movement led to the right to vote for women.




The gay rights movement led to the lawsuit that ultimately won the freedom to marry.


Moral progress always requires A FIGHT!!!


If our society ignores, is apathetic, or unaware of a problem, then there WILL BE NO MORAL CHANGE!


FOR THIS REASON, the fight often comes in the form of PROTESTS and MARCHES which create awareness, shape public opinion, and influence our representatives.


This is because, generally, public opinion must change first, before policy changes.


So, if you are seeing a protest, in person or on the news, talking about it, posting on social media about it (even criticizing it), THEN THE PROTEST HAS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING!!!


So the next time you say, or write, or post about how you think a protest or march or social movement won’t accomplish anything, you’re now admitting your awareness of the movement,

and you’ve already refuted your own statement!




See These Videos to learn more about social movements, public opinion, and policy


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  1. In my case I’ve participated in marches but also testified in front of said elected representatives. So I think I’ve gone above and beyond.


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