What Happen To America The Brave?

What happen to America the Brave?


You have a higher probability of being struck by lightning while choking on your food than being killed by a terrorist.

Yet, we send innocent people, who are fleeing for their lives, back to the country that they were so afraid of, they risked everything to get on a raft in hopes of some compassion and bravery. (Click here to learn about the Syrian Refugee Crisis)



And then we tell them:
“Sorry, Americans don’t have that compassion and bravery stuff anymore, we’re afraid of doing the right thing because of a tiny sliver of a chance that someone might get killed by a brown person from another country… even though our risk of being shot by a toddler with our own gun is way higher”…???


Wasn’t it the conservatives who mocked liberals about trigger warnings, calling them cry babies and snowflakes? Yet, when it comes to actually risking our lives (a tiny tiny risk though) and helping those in desperate need, it’s the liberals willing to take the risk to do what’s right, and the Trump supporters who are the cowards!?

Hey Trumpers, I have your new slogan:

Make America Our Safe Space Again!

And instead of saying America the Brave you should now say:

America the Pussies! (and pussy grabbers)




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