Antiquity, Science, and The Enlightenment 


This playlist of videos highlights the role of science in inspiring the age of reason, or The Enlightenment. The results of which are our representative and democratic governments, as well as the moral progress we’ve experienced since.



Here are links to the individual videos

A Brief History of Science: Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages

A Brief History of Science: Renaissance to The Copernican Revolution

A Brief History of Science: The Copernican Revolution to the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis

The Renaissance: Crash Course World History

The Enlightenment: Part One

The Enlightenment: Part Two

The Enlightenment: AP Euro Bit By Bit

The Enlightenment: AP World History (fun but cool edit)

The Scientific Revolution and The Enlightenment Compared

The Long Reach of Reason: Animated TED Talk featuring Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Freedom of Religion: CrashCourse


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