Big History: The Greatest Story Ever Told!


Big History tells the story of the cosmos!


From the big bang to the formation of stars, the Earth, life, humans, and modern civilization. We will look at the most important events  in all of time and the thresholds that gave rise to increased complexity.  We will also see how you and I, all of life, our planet, sun, and all of the stars in the universe are connected through these major events. Big History is truly  the greatest story ever told! Check out the teaser video below!


I love Big History and I have been collecting resources from around the web. I created this page as a way to share these resources. Enjoy!



The Big History Projectbig-history-project

The Big History Project (BHP) is a joint effort between teachers, scholars, scientists, and their supporters. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge for learners around the world. In addition to developing a full curriculum for high school students, this course is designed for curious members of the public who are seeking answers to big questions about the history of our Universe and the origin of our species.”

Here is the official website for The Big History Project

David Christian

From the Big History Institute, David Christian, A Professor of History at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, is the father of Big History, having built out a widely taught college-level course. David crafted the course’s narrative and is the star of many BHP videos lectures.

David and Bill

In addition, Bill Gates is also a lover of Big History and one of the major backers of the project.



ChronoZoom is this awesome visual tool that lets you virtually time travel by zooming in and out of events through all of time. It’s packed with science and humanities and really fun to try. Check out this video to learn about the making of ChronoZoom and to get a sense of cool it is!




CrashCourse is awesome, their fast-paced videos include cool but simple animations, are funny and often profound. This course on Big History featuring John Green, Hank Green, and Emily Graslie is no exception, check it out!


Cassiopeia Project

The Cassiopeia Project (Cassiopeia, named after the constellation) makes cool science education videos with CG and voice over narration!

You can download and watch their videos from their website and they have a YouTube channel.

Here is a playlist from their series Bang to Man




I also love science documentaries on NOVA, National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel etc. So I created a playlist on YouTube with Big History themes. I’m not sure of the permissions and copyrights surrounding these videos, so keep that in mind and I wouldn’t be surprised if some end up being pulled.



YouTubers Collection

This is a playlist I made with around 200 videos from my favorite YouTube channels. I’ve loosely organized the videos to follow the story of Big History, but I’ll continue to add videos and refine the order. Enjoy!

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